Calculators & Estimators

Estimate Space Heating Demand and Effective Costs

An important component in evaluating the economic impact of a wood-fired heating system is the current space heating demand and fuel cost.

Heating Fuel Comparison Calculator

What motivations do you have to consider using wood for heat? People invest in renewable energy for a variety of reasons. For example, you may be motivated to be less dependent on fossil fuels and its suppliers. Perhaps you are working to reduce your personal carbon footprint. Are you simply trying to reduce your current energy costs? Are you trying to hedge against future energy costs by using wood as a back-up fuel to your current system? Your reasons for exploring wood heat will influence your decisions about system size, economic benefit, and system type. Take time to think about your reasons for this investment before talking to a qualified installer.

Firewood as a Heating Fuel Alternative

It provides an estimate how much heating your home with a "traditional, open-faced fireplace" is costing you, and if/how much investing in a new, EPA-certified wood stove could potentially save you over time. You can also estimate if substituting your existing fuel source with firewood would make financial sense at current market prices.